Torah for Life

Our Judaic Studies program gives students the skills necessary to learn independently. Shulamith girls can confidently analyze biblical texts and find narrative significance they can apply to their own lives.

Elana Farhi


A global and personal approach provides students the skills to analyze texts, trace themes between Sefarim, and apply concepts to their own lives.
Rabbi Refael Farhi


Students trace the roots of our Mesorah, acquire practical knowledge, and learn to embrace Torah laws in their daily lives.
Nahma Schwartz


Practicing biblical and modern Hebrew enables meaningful Tefilah, comprehension of Tanach texts, and proficiency in Hebrew writing and conversation.
Liz Levi

Jewish Philosophy

Students are invited to question, discuss, and analyze key principles in Jewish faith, exploring concepts such as free choice, morality, and the role of women in Judaism.
Estie Warshaw

Jewish History

Students gain an understanding of the Jewish nation’s trajectory from the destruction of Bayit Sheni to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Educational Foundations

Our General Studies program provides a well-rounded foundation for academic success. Courses are designed to meet college preparatory standards and emphasize critical thinking.

Elana Farhi


Students gain crucial problem-solving skills and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. Classes prepare students for the ACT and SAT, and include real-life applications.
Rabbi Refael Farhi

Language Arts

Through writing and close reading, students learn to express their ideas and explore broader themes that apply to their lives.
Nahma Schwartz

Social Studies

People make choices, and choices make history. Students explore social, political, and economical events to become informed, thoughtful citizens.
Liz Levi


Students study the living world and appreciate its complexity through classroom learning and hands-on lab lessons.
Estie Warshaw

Foreign Language

Proficiency in a foreign language broadens students’ cultural understanding and enables communication with people from different backgrounds.
Estie Warshaw

Physical Education

Students enjoy a range of physical activities and sports. Classes encourage girls to develop healthy habits, sportsmanship, and a positive body image.
Estie Warshaw

Fine Arts

Courses nurture students’ inner creativity and provide the context and vocabulary to appreciate art across all media.