Shulamith High School for Girls

Mission Statement

Shulamith High School For Girls infuses girls with the confidence to become independent Jewish women with a total commitment to Torah, Mitzvot, and Halacha. Our dual curriculum cultivates Ahavat Hashem and a love for Medinat Yisrael, as well as knowledge and skills in General Studies. Our warm, student-centered environment fosters Middot Tovot and the tools to help each student reach her full potential.

About Us

Shulamith's high school was founded in 1980 with Dr. Susan Katz serving as principal. Over the years the high school has received numerous outstanding academic achievements including the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. Shulamith is currently Middle States Accredited.


As of the 2021-2022 school year, Rabbi Rafael Farhi and Mrs. Elana Farhi assumed leadership of Shulamith High School upon merging their previous high school, Mill Basin High School for girls. Mill Basin High school was founded by Rabbi and Mrs. Farhi in 2016 as a continuance to their elementary school, Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy.

Read a message from Mrs. Elana Farhi, Dean and Mrs. Rochelle Hirtz, Principal of Shulamith High School:

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Core Values

Elana Farhi

Torah Foundation

Shulamith’s dynamic educators make Torah learning personal. By connecting biblical concepts with practical applications, the Torah becomes not only a text to study, but a guidebook for life. Our girls become well-versed in Torah and Halacha, learning to navigate life meaningfully through Jewish values.
Rabbi Refael Farhi

Middot Tovot

At Shulamith, building character is equally important to building knowledge. We prize integrity above all and teach students to interact with grace and empathy. Our Achdut-centered school environment promotes character refinement through mindfulness and positive action.
Nahma Schwartz

Academic Excellence

Our dual curriculum of Judaic and General studies creates a foundation of knowledge across academic disciplines. A variety of teaching approaches caters to different learning styles and levels, with Honors and AP courses offered for advanced students. Our girls also explore their passions through elective courses which allow them to have a voice in their educational pursuits.
Liz Levi


We view our students as the next generation of Jewish leaders. Shulamith empowers each girl to take initiative with active roles throughout high school, preparing them for leadership later in life. These opportunities encourage them to become well-rounded contributors to their families and communities.
Estie Warshaw

Individual Growth

Shulamith embraces every girl’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Our programs help build confidence in the areas they excel, and offer support to overcome academic, social, or spiritual challenges. We foster self-awareness and resilience to learn from mistakes, seek improvement, and take equal ownership of successes and missteps.

Faculty Testimonials

"Our small classes and small learning environment allow for every teacher to gear lessons taking into account each girl's strengths and areas where they need improvement. We focus on giving each and every student a learning experience that not only prepares them academically, but also prepares them for life."

-Mrs. Raquel Gothhardt

Teacher, Classroom Coordinator
"I am so privileged to be a part of the Shulamith High School family. We support, guide, uplift and inspire each other. As a teacher, not only do I feel like I am giving to my girls, but my girls are giving to me! The experience in Shulamith High School is special and everyone feels it!"

-Mrs. Leah Cohen

Chumash Teacher, Chesed Program Director
"Shulamith High School is more than the sum of its parts. The devotion to academic success for each individual girl. The atmosphere of warmth and growth on all levels. The faculty who care about their students above all else. All of this comes together to create a school in which I’m proud to be a part of."

Mrs. Malky Shwartz

Navi Teacher, Guidance Counselor