Shulamith High School for Girls

Extracurricular Programs

Shulamith’s student body is brimming with bright, creative minds. Our girls are always welcome to confer with faculty for guidance in starting new clubs and electives.

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Nahma Schwartz

Student Guidance

Shulamith offers students year-round academic, social, and emotional support. Students can meet with a guidance counselor to help gain perspective in any area. 
Liz Levi

Israel Guidance

For students interested in spending a year in Israel after graduating, Shulamith guides students through the application process and helps each girl decide which school will be best for her.
Estie Warshaw

College Guidance

Shulamith encourages students to continue their studies after high school. We offer college guidance to help every girl find a program to suit her academic interests and career goals.
Shulamith High School for GirlsShulamith High School for Girls

2021 Awards

Kara Mardi For the Ralph J. Harary Award In Fine Character and Growth
Natali Ben-Yosef For the Harry and Alice Adjmi award In Ben Adam L’chavero
Noa Sharon For Scholarly Achievement and Excellence In Academics
Winners of November 2021 Art Contest: Sabina Yusifova, Shoshana Greenberg, and Hadas Dvir.

Student Testimonials

"What I like most about Shulamith is how welcoming and warm the staff is and how each teacher walks into the class with a smile on their face. I love that there's always a very positive environment. I love Shulamith!"

-Avaha Koshanfar

10th Grade
"I am so privileged to be a part of the Shulamith High School family. We support, guide, uplift and inspire each other. As a teacher, not only do I feel like I am giving to my girls, but my girls are giving to me! The experience in Shulamith High School is special and everyone feels it!"

-Rachel Kelly Toledano

11th Grade
"Shulamith High School is more than the sum of its parts. The devotion to academic success for each individual girl. The atmosphere of warmth and growth on all levels. The faculty who care about their students above all else. All of this comes together to create a school in which I’m proud to be a part of."

-Hadas Dvir

12th Grade